An outcast Scro scout, turned town constanble, turned pirate


LE Male Scro Fighter 8


Kern was an average scout in the service to his Armada. He was betrayed by his Captain and left to die on a damaged ship. He was “rescued” by a group of humans and elves who held him in captivity for 5 years. He was eventually released on the Rock of Brawl, and tracked his former captain. He cut off his hands, feet, ankles, forearms, ears, Tung, nose, and left him sitting in an INN common area staring at the fire. He used the mans equipment to barter a trip to Faerun and found himself on an island of a rowdy town, Quent.

After years helping the local constable track down fugitives and bounce pirates he took his job when he retired (and his house). Soon after he began getting an itch to travel again, and when he met an unusual human “earth mage” who was a pirate in town to resupply he decided to leave the town behind…


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