A dark imposing figure, quiet, unsettling...feral


CN Human (Greater Dire Werewolf) Ranger 12


Lucian history is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

He obviously appears to have extraordinary powers, and commands respect by sheer presence alone. He is quiet, contemplative, and when provoked, tenaciously brutal. He is said (by those who know him) to have a history in the werewood near Baldur’s Gate and was involved in the great battles there but, choose to leave the area despite his status among the natives.

He is known only publically for slaying the son (and crew) of the infamous Jezgar Skentzin a seawolf who had been raiding the Sword Coast with a pack of Seawolves. Taking down his son has earned him "leeway’ in residing in Bladur’s Gate, despite his “illness”. (And the Wrath of his father Skentzin)

He has since taken up residence on the Fortune’s Smile, a pirate vessel sailing out of the Shackles which frequents Bauldur’s Gate regularly. He has recently begun dealing with Mages at large “Metropolis” cities by delivering what appears to be powerful magic items (possible artifacts) in exchange for protection wards, forbiddance zones, and even watered down and specific versions of Elven Mythals that ward off/even destroy Vampires. He has brought in a few members of the Fortune’s Smile to aide him in this endeavor which may have dangerous repercussions for the crew.


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