A big Barbarian with a permanent scowl, Male, Human (LN)


The Wormwood Mutiny page 20

LN Male Human Barbarian 4


He doesn’t talk much. He doesn’t have much use for talking… but, he has started listening to the PC’s and likes what hears. He doesn’t care for blowhards, and thinks Scourge should die a slow death via hanging. Until that time, he just does his fucking job at the rig and waits for his moment to strike.

After many adventures the rough and tumble warrior has upgraded his status by joining up with the crew that left the Wormwood in their wake and made a name for themselves on the Fortune’s Smile. Now the Man-at-arms of the ship, Maheem (Mayhem) takes his duties seriously and is appreciative of the senior officers and Captain who kept their word and proved to walk their talk. He has “thrown in” with this lot and will stay true to the bitter end. The consequences be damned. (by Maheem reckoning it will be more fun that way…)

*Currently Maheen has a rivalry with Knuckles (a former first mate of a destroyed vessel that attempted to destroy the Forune’s Smile and sack the Rock) whom with he has had many a fist a cuff both on and off the ship. (All of which he has won or gave as good as he got…)


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