Sven Northmen

A mighly Barbarian Northman from Icewind Dale seeking his fortune as a Privateer.


CG male human fighter 13


A tall, lean brawling masculine male. His short blonde hair and trimmed beard barely disguise a savage fierceness is his cold blue eyes, yet, do not overpower a warm heart.

His strength is legendary among those familiar with the Sword Coast and earned the praises of visiting delegations from Raashman, and the favor of one of their Witches when visiting Baldur’s Gate (or o the tale is told), and his fighting prowess is acknowledged by all who ply the Shackles. There was a time he commanded a strong fellowship among a group of young pirates and had many successful exploits, but only a handful remained when his crew was set upon by Cheliax marines who burned his ship and slayed many of his men. His life was sparred by the crew of the Fortune’s Smile and since then he has sailed under their flag content in the adventures he finds himself in the Shackles…

Recently, on one of his shore leaves at port cities along the Sword Coast he has come into possession of a ring of truth He is aware of the ring’s ability to detect lies, but wears it only rarely, as he does not yet trust its magical abilities.

He acknowledges the man at arms office/status, and has no problem or issue with Maheem in that regard to his duties. However, he has taken on the task of a personal bodyguard/enforcer to the Captain on his own accord as well as assisting the ship’s druid in being a “moral compass” when more unethicially dubious decisions are being made…

Sven Northmen

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