Charts of the Fair Winds

Magic Charts (Naval)


The detailed markings on the charts grants a +2 bonus to navigate within the Shackles.

In addition, a multitude of wrinkles, stains, and blemishes mar the charts’ surfaces. Anyone meticulously studying the map notices that these markings shift over time. indicating weather conditions clouds, rain, wind, in the region, allowing an informed observer to determine the weather in the Shackles. This grants a +4 bonus on survival checks to predict future weather conditions and +2 Fort save against severe weather.

Finally, the pilot of the wind propelled ship can make a dc 15 sailor check to plot a course within the region using the charts, If the check is successful, the charts grant a ship a +10 percent bonus to its waterborne speed as long as it follow the plotted line.


These aged charts of thick, yellowed parchment display rought representations of the Shackles’ major islands and the se lanes between them.

Charts of the Fair Winds

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