Wand of enemy detection



This pale wand is carved from aspenwood;capped on one end with a lens shaped crystal.
When held the wand gives off a faint glow from it’s crystal and cap.
Property: if you are holding the wand when you roll initiative you can expend a charge to roll a d8 and add the result to your initiative check.

while you hold the wand as an action you can expend 2 charges to sense the presence of enemies nearby. one end of the wand rapidly pusles red light and the wand tugs your hand in th edirection of the hostile creature nearest to you within 60 feet. The wand detects potential enemies eveen if they are invisible hidden or disguised. The wand’s detection can penetrate barriers but it its blocked by 1 foot of stone 1 inch of metal a thin sheet of lead or a 3 feet of wood or dirt


Loot from raiding towns

Wand of enemy detection

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