Besmara (bes-MAR-uh) is the goddess of pirates and sea monsters. (CN)

Asmodeus an ancient deity turned arch devil, unquestioned master of the Nine Hells. (LE)

Sheela Peryroyl (SHEE-lah PAlR-ree-roil) is the halfling goddess of agriculture, nature, and weather. (N)

Selune (Seh-LOON-eh) Selûne is a caring but quietly mystical power who often seems saddened by events perhaps millennia old. (CG)

Tymora (Tie-MORE-ah)is half of the deity once known as Tyche, with Beshaba being the other half. Tymora’s faith is one of the most common in the Faerûn, in particular since it caters most heavily to a highly mobile, relatively wealthy, and intrinsically powerful group who live by their wits and by their luck: adventurers. (CG)

Waukeen (Wau-KEEN) is a vibrant and vivacious deity with a will to get things done. (N)


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