Session 2

The Man’s Promise

The party received their first taste of Piracy as the Wormwood closed in upon the merchant vessel the Man’s Promise. As the ship came within striking distance Captain Harrigan instructed Kroop to slaughter half a dozen pigs, slit their throats, and throw them overboard to attract sharks to the scene of the battle.

The boarding planks were lowered, grappling hooks were cast, and Zeng Lo made an outrageous 40’ leap onto the deck of the enemy ship, catching the pirates off guard who were defending the aft deck, just below the sterncastle, he was slowly overwhelmed before the party Druid and Aki could make their way across. However, once onboard Aki took to the rigging area and began furiously hacking away at addtl sailor guards at the rear of the ship while the Druid also entered the fray with his spear and casting spells. Unknown to them, a sharpshooter in the Man’s Promise crows nest reigned death upon the Wormwood killing 4 of its crew over the course of the battle. The party managed to prevent the occupants of the merchant ship from reaching the wheel to make an escape attempt, as well as save the Captain of the wormwood from being stabbed in the back, and finally to stop the Man’s Promise first mate from escaping in the long boats.

The party fought on a brutal battle and emerged victorious in the end by capturing the first mate, and their captain slaying the master of the Man’s Promise by showing everyone his heart on the fore deck.

The Captain and the Kid

Aboard the Wormwood, a party begins as the pirates celebrate their victory with fine food and drink from the Man’s Promise’s hold. The players were awarded a total of 350 gp, given a potion of cure moderate wounds, and potion of invisibility (to the group) and for saving the Captain Zang Lo was given an Amulet of Natural armor +1.

The next morning the Captain announced the surviving members of the Man’s Promise would be joining the Wormwood and Mr. Plugg would be taking a skeleton crew to sail the Man’s Promise to New Luskan (Port Peril) for a tidy profit. The first mate chose the following for his crew.

Master Scourge, Crimson Cogward, Jaundiced Jape, Slippery Syl, Tam “Narhwal” Tate, Barefoot Toppin, Giffer TIbbs, Jack Scrimshawn, “Badger” Medlar, Owlbear Hartshorn, Sandara Quinn, Ambrose Krop(who the Captain was glad to see go), Rosie Cusswell, Maheem, “Ratline” Rattsberger, Tilly Bracket, and the 4 adventurers. (The newest addition being a Halfling named Speedy who was hitching a ride on the Man’s Promise). The Halfling managed to make a connection with the party, assist a crew member from the Man’s Promise, and help their Cook into his new position as well. He joined with Zeng Lo, Aki, and the Druid Chef as he returned to the Man’s Promise after being onboard the Wormwood for only a night and a day.

As the rest of the crew began their transition, Zeng Lo went to make a final purchase at the quartermaster shop (and perhaps to say his farewells to his friend Cuthroat Grok, who was killed during the battle. However, he found his nemesis, the constant irritate, Fipps Chumlett in the room. He smirked, as he informed him he had been promoted to Quartermaster. He was not able to say much after that as he was attacked by Zeng. There was a brief altercation in which Zeng Lo was wounded but ultimately, he was able to overpower Fipps and burry his cutlass in his chest. The body was found before the Man’s Promise could leave and the Captain called everyone to the main deck. There Zeng Lo admitted to killing Fipps, and to Mr. Pluggs astonishment he was not given a triple keelhauling. Only one, to repay his debt for saving his life the Captain reduced the severity of his punishment. There the Monk was slow keelhauled by the crew, survived, and then made his way to the Man’s Promise, Gaining the respect of many crew members, and furthering the divide between Plugg/Scourge and Zeng Lo (and his companions).

The Man’s Promise commences her voyage in the Fever Sea, approximately 100 miles southwest of the lithering Coast, and heads northwest toward the Shackles and New Luskan (Port Peril). Once out of sight of the Wormwood, however, Mr. Plugg changes course and heads northeast for an isolated estuary on the Slithering Coast. (The scuttlebutt on the ship was that Mr. Plugg was making for dry dock on the Slithering Coast called Rickety’s Squibs, where they can make the Man’s Promise their own and engage in piracy for themselves after the ship is refit and renamed. Just as the Slithering Coast appears on the horizon, a storm strikes, driving the Man’s Promise away from the coast and shipwrecking the crew near “Bonewrack Isle”. After assessing the damage the crew realizes they are missing two crew members (Sandara Quinn, and Tilly Bracket) they assume the crew was taken in the night during the storm by the devious Grindylows. To make the situation worse, when the ship ran aground the fresh water supply was damaged.
Cliffs of insanity
The Captain sends the Party in a long boat to the shore to retrieve fresh water, and if possible, find the missing crew. The party believes they have 48 hours until the ship begins to sink. The group decided to make their way to the east part of the island near a large cliff face. The CLIFFS OF INSANITY He didn't fall

You mean Zeng Lo didn’t fall? Inconceivable!!

The Monk scaled the sheer cliffs, and even noticed a hidden path of cut stone stairs leading up the side to allow the rest of the party to follow him. Upon reaching the summit the group made their way over well built timber stockade surrounding a small lodge clearing. (The found a spy glass and looked down to the west of the island spotting the grindylows dancing about near a large cover. One of the creatures was wearing Sandara’s hat. Taking a survey of the immediate area, the party found a bubbling spring. There they managed to fill their two water barrels and then make their way down a mountain trail on the opposite side of the island. On the way down the group ran into a couple Vine Chokers’ who were spotted by the Druid Chef. The group followed the Druid Chef around the danger and down the mountain. As they reached the bottom the passed near a corn field and skirted the island perimeter, leaving the water barrels to be picked up later.

The group made their way to the Riptide Cove were they had earlier seen the Grindylows lurking about (they were then gone) and decided to swim into the cove and find their companions…

The party received experience and reached 3rd level

Session 2

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