Session 8

Perilous Waters

And so… The crew sailed to their familiar stomping grounds, Baldur’s Gate.

They made their way to see the owner of the Double Deuce and have lunch, the Captain secured a spot the following night to perform at the INN Double deuce and be given an opportunity to inform the locals of the crews latest accomplishment. That night Bob Segar was performing and the crew decided to take it easy for a couple days. The Captain then commissioned a portrait of the crew to be added to the famous Inn from three interesting artists, who were also versed in the arts of interrogation. The ships Wizard went off to find aid in fixing his fire arm after shooting someone in the back for trying to steal his property.

Meanwhile, on the ship Aeolious and Aki remained on the ship to see to repairs and restocking for their Island Stronghold. They ran afoul of a local con man who was posing as a Harbor Master and lost a few gold pieces. They made it back later though when the Druid decided to have a “show” on the ship with a “cover band” artists for Billy Joel and Hank Williams, Jr. (The con man was spotted on the ship during the show) but, the Druid kept the party contained (including not allowing the “guests” to throw the billy joel cover artists piano to be thrown overboard) but, the next morning it was found out beyond the wharf…Aftermathofparty

The next day the Captain performed at the DD and gained enough infamy and recognition that the crew felt comfortable making their way to Port Peril. They hired on a few people to take back to guard TideWater Rock

The crew sailed out with their new crew memebers… Streettoughs during the voyage to the island there was some issues Reavis had with the new younger members as he was charged to get them ready for life on the island (and failed) but Maheem took up the slack and began to whip them into shape. With the Druids influence, the remainder of the trip went uneventful…

The crew dropped off the young street toughs and sailed on the Port Peril, there they petitioned an audience for the Hurricane King, Nerdak Bonefist. They paid their tribute and met with the first mate, Tsadok Goldtooth on the following morning who put the party Monk through a set of tests that gauged his ability at sea, on land, and finally in battle. In the end the crew pulled together and put down a crazed Flesh golem and Ogre Mage (which stood no chance). That night they met the Hurricane King at his Fortress where a large party had already begun.. when they arrived they were asked to recall their tales at sea. Afterward, the crew was awarded the Shackles Letter Of Marque, and officially recognized as Free Captains of the Shackles by the Pirate Council.

They were then escorted from the “King’s Hall” to celebrate at Riptide Alehouse…

Infamy: 21 (Despicable, max 28)
Disrepute: 21
Plunder: 0

Note: The party reached seventh level

P.S. you left these two behind…

Random encounter

Session 8

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