PC Ships
Fortune’s Smile, formerly The Man’s PromiseThe Man’s Promise— is a three-masted sailing ship, 105 feet long and 30 feet wide. This squib was also outfitted with a hidden cargo compartment. A minimum crew of 20 is required to sail her. Captained by Speedy Daggertoss.

Shackle Pirate Ships
The Wormwood – The Wormwood is a three-masted sailing ship,100 feet long from stem to stern, and 30 feet wide amidships. The ship needs a minimum crew of 20. Captained by Barnabas Harrigan.

PiratesA pirate crew is more than just a mob of cutthroats on a ship; all crew members have specific roles and responsibilities, with harsh punishments being meted out upon those who shirk their duties. Listed here are some of the standard roles aboard a typical pirate ship. Not all of these roles might be represented on every vessel, but such details can help players understand their characters’ daily duties.

Captain: The ultimate authority on any ship, his word is law to all on board. The captain chooses where to sail, what to plunder, and who fills the other stations aboard the vessel, among many other command decisions. Leadership often proves perilous, however, as a captain is, above all, meant to secure success for his ship and crew. Failing to do so increases the threat of mutiny.

Fist Mate: The first mate is responsible for carrying out the captain’s wishes. When the captain is asleep or otherwise unavailable, the first mate is in charge of the ship. While not all captains are excellent seamen, there are few first mates who do not know nearly everything about being aboard ship.

Boatswain: The boatswain, or bosun (pronounced “bosun” either way), is responsible for the upper deck of the vessel and above. This makes the boatswain accountable for all rope, rigging, anchors, and sails. At the start of the day, the boatswain and those under her weigh anchor, raise the sails and report on the general condition of the ship’s deck to the captain. As she oversees many of the ship’s basic daily labors, the boatswain is often responsible for keeping discipline and dispensing punishment.

Carpenter: No matter what enchantments or alchemical unguents augment a pirate ship, its heart and bones are still wood. This simple fact makes the carpenter one of the most important positions aboard any vessel. Carpenters are chiefly responsible for maintaining the ship below the deck, finding and plugging leaks, repairing damage, and replacing masts and yards.

Navigator:While the pilot’s job is to steer the ship, the navigator’s job is to pick the route the pilot will follow to reach the destination.

Master-at-Arms: Concerned with the security of the ship, the fitness of the crew, and the dispensing of justice, the master-at-arms typically is one of the most feared and dreaded of a ship’s officers.

Master Gunner (Master Armorer): The master gunner is in charge of all shipboard artillery, ensuring moisture and rust don’t ruin the weapons and that the crew knows how to use them. On board ships with firearms, the master gunner maintains the vessel’s cannons, firearms, and powder supplies; on ships without such weapons, she maintains the ballistas, catapults, and so on.

Quartermaster: The quartermaster oversees the supplies and items stored aboard the ship. She maintains the supplies of food and weaponry, oversees the disbursement of food to the cook, and doles out the rum ration to the crew.

Rigger: Riggers work the rigging and unfurl the sails. In battle, next to that of a boarding party, the riggers’ job is one of the most dangerous, as they pull enemy vessels near enough to board.

Swab: Any sailor who mops the decks. Also used as slang for any low-ranking or unskilled crew member.

Cook: While the quartermaster normally allocates the rations, the cook and his apprentices make and distribute meals to the crew. Although some better-outfitted vessels employ skilled cooks to attend to the captain and the officers, many cooks are drawn from crew members who have suffered crippling injuries, allowing them to still serve even after such trauma.

Cabin Boy/Girl: Servant to the captain and other officers, this low-ranking and typically young crew member assists other sailors in their duties and runs various errands across the ship, requiring him or her to gain a measure of understanding of almost all the ship’s roles.
Generic Pirate Stat Block
Medium humanoid (Human)
Armor Class 12 (leather)
Hit Points 12 (2d8 + 2)+1 (feat)
Speed 30 feet
Str 12, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
Alignment neutral evil
Languages Common

Pack Tactics: The pirate gains a cumulatve +1 bonus to attack rolls, to a maximum of +5, for each creature friendly to the pirate that is within 5 feet of its target.

Melee or Ranged Attack – Spear: +3 to hit (reach 5 feet or range 20/60 feet.; one creature). Hit: 4 (1d6 + 1) piercing damage.

Level 1 XP 20

Feats Toughness
Skills Climb, Gather Rumors, Lore: Nature (sailor), Swim
Other Gear throwing axe, cutlass, dagger, sap, basic pirate clothes, personal effects such as cheap earrings, leather belt, lucky rabbit’s foot, hat with a parrot feather plume, etc.

During Combat Pirates fight according to their loyalties. They always look out for themselves first, but aid those they are helpful to next.
Morale A pirate withdraws from combat when reduced to 6 hit points or fewer, and flees when reduced to 3 hit points or fewer.


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