Dawg Brown

A Vicious and unoforgiving Captain from a long bloodline of Pirates, the worst of 3 brothers


The Captain Dawg Brown is a tall, fierece looking man in his prime. His rough voice and appearance is offset by his sometimes somber tone and laid back attitude. This however is known to quickly change when angered and is known for great bouts of rage. He is a tactician and barbarian rolled into one. Both plotting for the long term, but, also known for spontaneous action.


The Captain Dawg Brown is a Free Captain in the Shackles and earned his spot by killing the Captain, first mate, and Man at Arms of his current ship The Reamer (which he had taken from the Free Captain he replaced) at the Pirate Council after the Hurricane King was impressed at his sheer ferocity and courage. He currently runs Rapier Bay a major port in the Shackles region after becoming a Free Captain, and Pirate Council Member.

He is the eldest, and meanest, of three brothers and uncle to the famous Morgan Adams (female Captain of the Morning Star). He is known to make allies on a whim, and enemies, (of which he has few) for life. Currently he is allied with many Free Captains, and has no quarrels with anyone on the Council. However, he has a long history of conflict with Barnabas Harrigan who feels he was given a seat on the Council in lieu of himself. (Also, some say they had previously fought over a woman…)

Dawg Brown

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