Session 11

The Free Captains’ Regatta


This annual sea race is organized by the Free Captains of the Shackles. The course changes each year, but is always a dangerous route among the various reefs and sandbars on the edge of the Eye of Abednego. Many ships fail to survive the course, but there are always a large number of entrants each year.

Entrants must be captain of their own ship, and there is an entrance fee of 500 gold pieces. The winner receives the total of all the entrance fees, the grant of a small island or anchorage in the Shackles, and a seat on the Pirate Council.

The winner for the last five years has been the enigmatic Master of Gales. However, this year he has removed himself from the race.

-The party raced through a series of obstacles, navigating through treacherous waters, and opposing the other ships who raced against them (The Wormwood especially). The crew sailed into a hurricane, avoided being eaten by a monstrous sea turtle, and somehow survived the ship being capsized. TWICE!!! capsize.jpg

-As they came in to the final stretch they were neck and neck with their old Captain Barnebas and managed a narrow victory!! The old Captain complained by was later found (after coming in third place) that they had rammed a ship near the hurricane and a second competitor had picked up one of the survivors of the ship to bring accusation of fowl play on the Wormwood’s party. As a result the Wormwood was black listed for five years from competition by the Master of the Gails.

-The crew celebrated, was given 8k in gold, their Captain made a Council member*, and finally an island of their very own which they sailed for after spending a few days in Port Peril.

Flagship: The Fortune’s Favor, captained by Speedy
Other Ships: The Fortune Cookie, captained by Elven PR Officer ; Dark Fortune’s (renamed and refitted by its new Captain), captained by Sandara Quinn (currently stationed at Tide Water Rock)
Affiliation: Pirate Council Free Captain Morgan Adams

Infamy: 23 (max 28)
Disrepute: 23
Plunder: 6
First Favored Port: Baldur’s Gate (5)
Second Favored Port: Tidewater Rock (
Third Favored Port: Port Peril (New Luskan) (+3)

Note: The party reached 9th level

Session 11

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