Session 12

The Abandoned Fort

“There it is! Thank the Gods, I thought I was going to die for sure trying to reach this damn island.”
-New Hire of the Fortune Cookie, who was eaten by Sea Monster soon after the proclamation.


The party reached The Isle of Empty Eyes after a week of travel.

-The ships were attacked by a Sea Monster that took up residence in the Bay. It managed to kill a couple sailors, but was eventually driven off (primarily with magic from the Wizard and pressure from the party Druid)

-The First mate made his way up the nearest cliff face adjacent to a waterfall to get a “lay of the land” and the Captain spied on the nearby “fort”. They determined it appeared to be abandoned. The order was given to begin off loading the supplies, set up a camp…later both the groups ships were sailed over to land as close to the fort as possible after it had been cleared out. A rotating crew was placed on both ships, the fort, and the remainder of the crew began work on repairs to the fort making it the groups obvious base of operation. After this was set up, The Captain, First Mate, Aeoulis, Aki, Elven PR officer, Sven, Kern, and Eli made their way west to clear out a Harpy Cave…

[from the journal of Sven Northman]

We finally made it into the gigantic bay of the island that will be our new home. A Fjord it is NOT! What beauty, yet something dark lurks in this place. The eyes of the Cyclops statues seem to move with us as the ship came in. Yet, they still do not diminish the crystal waters, blue waterfall, and green grass of the surrounding countryside. If Ten Towns had a “summer” proper it must look like this place … We finally cleared out the fort. I was completely convinced that I wouldn’t be around to update this journal. Everything happened so fast. We were attacked by these spiders that appeared from another plane, attacked, and left before I could react.Paeta.jpg I tried to move away from the fray, but ended up making myself a target of ghosts. Damn the undead! I can’t stand fighting such unnatural enemies. It was only by divine luck (Hail Tempus) that I was able to avoid them. The party took out the spiders quickly so we were able to take defensive positions and eliminate the ghosts without further injury. One abomination we found had the head of a woman in the fort’s tower. It spoke to us, the thing spoke! Cursed us even. What a horrible existence the fates place upon we mortals… We dispatched the poor creature with ruthless efficiency…may its soul find peace. The Captain is determined to clear out the fort and though tired, we pressed on…

The rest of the fort was easy to clear. We found some maniac with a monkey who holed himself up in one of the buildings. The crew literally pulled him out from under a bed he was hiding under. Oddly enough, the monkey was missing a paw. I don’t think anyone noticed that now I think on it… No matter. This man had lost his mind and spoke in riddles. Some magic was used on him and eventually he led us down below the tower where we found a treasure horde in a secret room of the temple. I think with a little elbow grease and some spackle, we’ll have the place looking like brand new. We did run into another ghost. I grow weary of those encounters. However, the Captain was able to work out a deal with the creature and it left the area and freed the insane bloke we found hiding under the bed. Apparently he is some kind of wizard apprentice. That will teach him to fool with the dark arts. I hope he learns his lesson. I will be keeping an eye on him. … Finally, we have taken account of every crevice in this fortress. I feel strange after visiting the Cyclops Shrine under the tower. I should be exhausted but for some reason I have this tingling feeling in my neck. In fact, I think I could run up and down the shore in the moonlight. This place is definitely having an effect on me**…

Time to get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. We head off to hand those bleeding harpies an eviction notice from this island. Thank Tempus they are creatures I can still put a sword through and not some gods damned apparition!


P.S. The Elven warlock’s side kick got into a skirmish with the first mate over some reason that has to do with more ghosts and specters. We need an old priest and a young priests. I am wasted on such matters. Apparently, the devil worshiper got his back side handed to him. I wish I was there to see that. I don’t much care for his God, but he has never done me harm. Even so, if it came down to it I would side with the first mate without hesitation. The Satanist is not to be trusted, I fear he will betray us all at some point. The Captain is simply a great man whose coattails he can ride. Still, hard to blame a man who fights for the crew and he is far from the strangest person who sails with us. I have seen a liquid creature that sleeps in a brass tub on the ship attack men trying to shoot us. I believe it even has a name! What an odd life we lead…

RETCON The Psionic powers bestowed upon the party were not from the island. They came from the Statute of the Cyclops god of knowledge. Therefore, only the people who were in the room would have received the powers. The PC’s, Sven, Eli, and Lavey.

Session 12

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